Anna Lunoe Presents: Create / Destroy

TT The Artist

October 07, 2021 Anna Lunoe Season 1 Episode 2
Anna Lunoe Presents: Create / Destroy
TT The Artist
Anna Lunoe Presents: Create / Destroy +
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Show Notes

Its Episode 2 of Create/Destroy! We are back with another hopeful conversation about creativity and true purpose with Anna Lunoe.

Our guest today is the ever impressive multi hyphenate, TT The Artist. MC, Film Director, Queen of Syncs and creative powerhouse shares her life changing approach with us. How to use your art to inspire change, finding your free gift, moving forward with intention and deprogramming negativity. We also talk a lot about the importance of your WHY, and how that can be your life raft in troubling times.

Plus we hear about her incredible new projects, from directing Alicia Keys new documentary series, to her Documentary Dark City on Netflix, and Murdabeatz sampling her track for Chloe's huge new single 'Have Mercy'! Phew! 

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