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Anna Lunoe Presents: Create / Destroy

Anna Lunoe

Welcome to the Create/Destroy Podcast! A hopeful conversation around creativity and true purpose with your host, Anna Lunoe. Each episode Anna and our inspiring guests allow us a deep dive into their creative practice. We discuss the challenges of being an artist, unpack the ways we tend to get in our own way, and offer as many resources and applicable tools as we can to help further your creative journey - whatever that may be! Anna Lunoe is a decorated producer, DJ, vocalist and radio host on Apple Music who has been offering her unique perspective in the Dance Music space for over a decade. Say hi! - Create/Destroy is powered by Splice! Splice is cultivating the essential ecosystem for music creation with innovative audio products that inspire and enable artists. With sounds, skills and connected instruments. Splice is meeting the needs of a new generation of musicians and creators, alongside a diverse and trusted library of over 2 million pre-cleared samples. Splice is a global community of producers, innovators and musicians, offering creative solutions for creative challenges. Tune into the podcast for an exclusive promo code to enjoy one month of Splice's Creator plan for free.